• Automotive
  • Special-purpose machinery
  • Wire and cable industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Cable harness and wiring system production
  • Metal industry
  • Plastics and rubber industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Glass and ceramics industry

For implementing your tasks, Brainware Solutions offers the complete range of services from a single source:

Analysis and feasibility study

  • Analysis of the task
  • Investigation and assessment of approaches in our test laboratory
  • Elaboration of requirements specifications (what and how),
    functional specifications (how and with what)

Consulting and planning

  • Individual customer-oriented consulting
  • Consulting on technical and logistic processes
  • Consulting on project implementation and marginal process conditions
  • Planning, concept and offer preparation

Projecting and design

  • Development and design
  • Hardware planning and configuration
  • Programming of the test and control software as well as customized visualization
  • Database systems and archiving
  • Documentation according to machine directive

Production and assembly

  • Mechanical manufacture
  • Machine and system installation
  • Switchgear cabinet manufacture

Delivery and commissioning

  • Delivery
  • On-site assembly, commissioning and initial production assistance


  • Competent on-site instruction and training of the operating personnel

Support and 24-hour service

  • Worldwide service over the complete lifetime of the system
  • System optimization and extension
  • Maintenance service and remote maintenance

Research and development activity

  • Cooperation projects with universities, research facilities and cooperation companies

Guaranteed quality is a decisive sales and price argument. Reliable quality data are the basis
for optimizing your value chain and increasing your delivery reliability.

Our field of activity is the development of individual complete systems for the quality assurance by using sophisticated industrial image processing as well as individual components and sensor systems from all areas of the measurement engineering. We develop and implement the ideal solution for your concrete testing task in your manufacturing environment.

No matter whether sensor applications or fully automatic machines – our test systems will help you to achieve the target “zero ppm” in the series production. Since 1997, the name Brainware Solutions GmbH has been guaranteeing high-end applications of industrial image processing and multi-sensor systems. Due to our many years expertise in the integration of our systems into most different manufacturing processes, we have gained a reputation as a specialist and full-range supplier.

Our competencies are in the industrial image processing, cable harness testing, assembly inspection, 2D and 3D measurement, contour testing, surface inspection, type identification, function control, but also in the implementation of robot applications as well as in the automation and construction of special-purpose machines.

Which testing task may we solve for you?

Among our long-time customers are many renowned manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive sector. Many engine builders also rely on our inspection techniques and integrate them into their installations. For legal reasons, it is not possible to list the names of our customers here. We will be glad to show you our references during a personal meeting.
Please contact us for an appointment

The chart above will provide you with an initial overview of all the locations
where systems of Brainware Solutions are used.

Sales / Project management:

Jens Rätz

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E-Mail:  sales@brainware-solutions.de

Brainware Solutions GmbH

Nordstraße 27 (Röhrsdorf)
D-09247 Chemnitz OT Röhrsdorf
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automated test systems

test equipment for relays, fuses and PCB

test facilities

industrial image processing

automation technology

robot systems

software development

vision control for cable harness

measuring machines for casting parts

screw stations

modular test system

measuring of deformation, dimensional accuracy, runner metal rests, openings, burr formation, imperfect molding

soilings, blowholes, fracture points, cracks

measurement of coil resistance and winding direction

determination of the current values for non-pick up, pick-up, maintening and drop

measurement of the armature gap and stroke

determination of the armature lifting force and the contact force

control of the contact resistances

function check of the contacts (break contact/ make contact/ changeover contact)

measurement of the switching time (pick up and drop)

image processing systems

measurement with inductive, optical or tactile sensors

measure diameter and length, geometrical elements, form and position tolerances

form comparison and chamfer control (e.g., at gear wheels)

radial run-out/concentricity

external thread, gearing

check if free of burrs

measure radiuses, angles, chamfers

thread measurement, outer diameter, core diameter, incline, length, discharge

form tolerances: flat and circular form tolerances

position tolerances: direction, location and run-out tolerances

radial run-out, concentricity, straightness, symmetry, axial run-out

staggered diameters: eccentricity, symmetry, cross-section analysis

optical inspection of conductor tracks, soldering joints and components

printed circuit board inspections

control of conductor tracks from a thickness of 0.01 mm (on printed circuit boards and solar cells)

control of the components insertion (correct component inserted, adjustment)

dispensing control (dosing and position accuracy of soldering paste)

quality evaluation of soldering joints (meniscus shaping, soilings, bridges)

existance of holes and pins

electrical function tests according to test specification

assembly identification with data matrix scanner

Testable materials: fabrics, non-woven fabrics, floor coverings, foils, wooden laminate foils, paper, non-ferrous metals

Testable features: flaws in weaving, dirt, color fastness, density

defects in the structure (holes, yarn breaks, tangles, homogeneity, rotary prints, tears)

pattern control, positioning of cuts

monitoring of sheeting thickness

contact-free and tactile thickness measurement possible

modular image processing systems for testing and monitoring purposes

image recognition system for fuses and relays

management system for emergency call centers (lifts, heating systems, etc.)

comprehensive data aquisition and analysis systems

control and analysis software for test equipment and measuring machines

final inspection of sensors (e.g., for PH-value sensors, pressure sensors and temperature probes)

modern imaging components (cameras, lenses, filter, lightning elements, grabber)

2D and 3D laser scanner

inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, electromagnetic sensors, ph-value sensors

force, acceleration and torque sensors

flow sensors (for gases and liquids)

pressure and temperature sensors

rotation angle sensors, displacement sensors (potentiometric, inductive, incremental)

magnetic field sensors (e.g., for identification systems and rotational speed monitoring)

optical sensors (light sensors, light barriers, light scanners, color sensors)

microwave sensors/radar sensors (e.g., for vibration measurement, motion measurement)

laser sensors for displacement measurement (triangulation systems, interferometer)

eddy current sensors (e.g., for control of surface roughness; scratch and crack detection)

ultrasonic sensors (e.g., displacement measurement of great distances, level monitoring)

development and manufacturing of small control systems and electronic modules

circuit design, PC board design, housing design, PCB development

digital input/output cards for PC (via USB)

data loggers, level controls, light sequence controls (also with flash operation)

roller shutter controls, mini PLC, Sequence control system

Special controller for distance measurement

used marking systems: ink jet printing, punching systems

laser engraving systems (burning letters or logos by vaporization of the surface layer)

needle (hammering letters into metal surfaces)

scoring (thin letter milling)

barcode label printing (stick-on labels which can be applied manually or automatically)

measuring of work piece parameters with sensors and camera systems

manufacture of measuring heads and testing retainers

PLC control systems, data acquisition

Insertion control (e.g. detection of insertion errors by camera systems)

Control of completeness

detection of misinserted of defective workpieces by means of camera systems

Vibration analysis (e.g. frequency spectrum analysis)

observation of workpiece surfaces

vibration recording by means of solid borne sound sensors or laser interferometer

Special control systems

processing of measured values to 3D volume models via PC software

driving of materials-handling and cutting technology with gram exact precision cuts

accuracy of the dimensional inspection as well as radial and axial run-out up to the micrometer range

contactless testing of reference pieces by means of a light scanner

Recognition of work pieces, completeness check, discoiling test

contour measurement, edge shape

Measurement of the cam angle position and the transmitting star structure at vehicle camshafts

contactless contour taking over of the work piece by means of inductive position encoder

board destacking with robot

precise placing down of wooden boards from the loose stack

measurement of the air permeability of cellular material

test equipment for precision measurement of turned parts

optical control of the inserted loudspeaker types

completeness check on car door modules

visual inspection of inserted loudspeaker type

Test of the contact pressure when assembling wear parts

Crack control in steel plates after extreme deep-drawing processes

Quality control at ground surfaces (camshafts, crankshafts)

Leak control with vacuum suction device

Material thickness measurement

Test of holes, phases, threads etc. at workpieces

Object count and measurement by different sensor techniques

Detection of components on printed circuit boards (correct component, plug-in direction, position)

Selection and verification of components before insertion (automatic insertion machines)

Analysis of extraneous noises in running engines and gear boxes