Software solutions in test engineering must be tailored to the special application to support processes in an intelligent and sustainable manner. Our holistic approach comprises control and electrical planning, the selection of measuring and control technique and software programming. According to your requirements, we develop complete software solutions in our company or we program practical applications in the environment of standard systems.

Programming languages

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Borland Delphi
  • Borland C++ Builder
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • C-Sharp
  • Pascal
  • C / C++
  • Modula
  • Assembler

Applications for standard image processing software

  • Halcon
  • Vison XL/XXL
  • LabView
  • Common Vision Blox
  • Vision Tools
  • NeuorCheck
  • Lead Tools
  • Global Lab Image/2
  • Matrox Imaging Library

Applications for measurement data analysis and recording standard software

  • LabView
  • QS-Stat
  • Quick DataAcq - HP VEE
  • HP VEE Lab
  • TestPoint
  • DT-LV Link
  • DTx-EZ
  • DataAcq SDK

Applications for PLC and robot programming

  • S7-HighGraph
  • Cimplicity Control
  • Siemens Step 5 + Graph 5
  • Siemens Step 7 + Graph 7
  • Mitsubishi MelSoft
  • Fanuc LogicMaster
  • Kuka.PLC

Applications for standard software for visualizing machine processes

  • Siemens ProTool
  • WinCC
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Factory Link
  •  Parameter input mask for glass flask measurement
  • Sensor stress test
  • Configuration mask for relay parameters
  • Calibration tool for chemical sensors

Parameter input mask for glass flask measurement

Sensor stress test

Konfigurationsmaske für Relaisparameter

Kalibriertool für chemische Sensoren